Could Drinking Pepsi Be Harmful to Your Health?

Pepsi is a top-grossing beverage, bringing in billions of dollars every year. You could assume there are advantages to selling such a large quantity of a product, given the growing popularity of healthy lifestyles. Except for a brief energy boost from the caffeine, it turns out that there are no positive aspects to drinking Pepsi. Caffeine, which is present in Pepsi, may contribute to the beverage’s popularity for the same reason it offers its drinkers a burst of energy. When a person’s body becomes accustomed to the quantity of caffeine in a single can, their brain begins to believe it needs more. Still, it is not accurate to compare Pepsi to tobacco and heroin in terms of addiction. Nonetheless, there are a few things to look out for in the 12 oz. can of Pepsi.

The first is high fructose corn syrup, and yes, it is added to the drink’s existing sugar content. Short-term impacts include tooth decay, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and weight gain, whereas long-term complications include the same and many more. Most HFCS is made from genetically modified corn, which has yet to be fully examined but has the potential to introduce novel diseases.

You can spot the caramel coloring in the list of ingredients. The byproduct 4-methylimidazone (4-MEL) produced from caramel coloring has been linked to serious health problems. Four to eight times the levels declared “safe” by the State of California of the carcinogenic substance 4-MEL have been found in Pepsi. In addition to its carcinogenicity, caramel hue has been associated in numerous studies to adverse health effects like raised blood pressure and a lowered white blood cell count .

Finally, there is an internet urban legend regarding Pepsi that needs to be debunked because it is literally the only thing going for it. However, while Pepsi may not be good for you, it does not include kidney cells harvested from human fetuses that were aborted. It is widely believed that HEK-293 human embryonic cells, derived from the kidney cells of a single fetus aborted in the 1970s, were utilized in R&D to determine the optimal flavor composition. However, the cells are not seen in any PepsiCo items.

Is there something I can drink that is better for me than Pepsi?

Yes there is. It is called The Switch Sparkling Juice.

The Switch is a great way to switch from sugary pops and sodas to sparkling 100% juice, whether you are on the go, at school, or at home. This 100% Juice has a strong taste of fruit, a refreshing fizz, and 100% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of Vitamin C. It also has no added sugar, high fructose corn syrup, or gluten. Give your kids and your students the option that is better for them and has everything they really want.

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